Game #2 2020 Washington Football Team

This week two of the NFL season, the Washington Football Team takes on the Arizona Cardinals with a chance to build on last week’s strong finish. The Washington team put together a formula of old-fashioned smash mouth football led by the defense that put the offense in great situations to tally up the touchdowns.

If Coach Rivera’s team builds on that same approach, and can contain Arizona’s mobile quarterback, Kyler Murray, with the same pass rush that had Eagles QB Carson Wentz entangled in multiple sacks, then it should be enough to disrupt what the Cardinals are trying to do in today’s game.

Dwayne Haskins completed 54.8% of his passes last week for 178 yards and one TD. The hope is that he can build on that with a stronger running game that can open up his passing game where he won’t feel forced to thread the needle on passes and can find some wide open receivers.

Game time today is 4pm on FOX.

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