Game #2 Commanders are in Detroit

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The Washington Commanders are in Detroit today for this second game of the 2022 season. Expect a lot of discussion about the Commander’s starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, and comparisons with the Lions’ quarterback Jared Goff. Technically they don’t face each other on plays on the field, they will alternate with their respective offenses when they are on the field. These two QBs were picks № 1 and № 2 in the 2016 NFL Draft and that makes this a rare matchup.

Of course a matchup of the top two picks from that 2016 draft in dueling quarterbacks is interesting as you consider neither is with their original drafting teams of the Rams and Eagles. But it was a weak draft for quarterbacks with multiple busts. Dak Prescott who was chosen after both Goff and Wentz would be considered the best of them all, and he was a 4th rounder.

“Well, first of all, I appreciate who Jared Goff is. He’s a [Cal] Golden Bear, so I’m okay with that. Second thing is you know, it’s surprising that he got traded, but he’s in Detroit. He’s a veteran guy. He’s had some success in his career, very similar to what [Carson Wentz] has had.

Our guy’s had a lot of success in his career as well. So, these are just two guys that have another opportunity with another team, and that’s really the crux of it is that, you know, they have opportunities somewhere else.”

— Ron Rivera on Jared Goff

The Commanders’ defense must find a way to contain Detroit’s running back D’Andre Swift who rushed for one TD and 144 yards on 15 carries last week in their loss to the Eagles. Of course Swift is listed as “questionable” on the injury list with a tweaked ankle so we will see how bad that ankle really is after they tape it up.

For Washington, Kamren Curl is still questionable on the injury report and Chase Young is out. The Commanders defense played without both star defensive players last week, and will be without Young for a few more weeks as he recovers form that ACL injury from last week.

In the early season, this is the first official road game and you want to see how your team responds here. It is up to the coaches and team leaders to make sure the team steps up and is ready for this one.

“Can we maintain it? Can we keep our focus? You know, this is our first road game. This is gonna be a very vibrant, exciting atmosphere because I understand it’s gonna be real close to last week in terms of the fan participation. So that’s gonna be exciting. And how do we handle that? You know, we had a home crowd and that got behind us a couple times and we fed off that energy.

Now we’re gonna have a group that’s gonna try and suck the energy out of us. How do we respond? Will we be consistent in the way we play? Will we go out and can we sustain it? You know, can we go out there and, and keep a drive going, for 10, 12 plays? Can we win on third down on defense early again and set the tone?

So, those are questions that all happen early. Those first few weeks kind of dictate it. You never really know what you have. You can think it, but until you actually go out and play it, you just don’t know. ”

— Head Coach Ron Rivera on the first road game of the season

As far as Vegas sees this game, they have it kind of even with the slight advantage to the Lions because they are playing at home. The Commanders enter at 1-0 with a big win over the Jaguars and the Lions are at 0-1 with their loss against the Eagles last week.

ODDS: Washington is a +1.0 on the points spread after opening at +1.5 to +2 with the Over/Under at 49 points

GAME TIME: Sunday, September 18, 2022 at 1 p.m. ET

LOCATION: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

TV: FOX WTTG-5 in the DC market

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